bilateral trade

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Bilateral Trade

The barter of goods between companies and/or governments in two countries, almost always without recourse to currency. Bilateral trades were more common during the Cold War; the Soviet Union conducted bilateral trades to allow for its government to serve as one party while a private company in another country served as the other. Bilateral trades have become rare since except for highly sensitive goods like nuclear material.

bilateral trade

the trade between two countries. Bilateral trade is a part of INTERNATIONAL TRADE, which is multilateral in scope. See MULTILATERAL TRADE, COUNTERTRADE.
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buttress the assertion that bilateralism and accountability are
Bilateralism, multilateralism, and the quest for global free trade.
Those readying for bilateralism in jubilation must diagnose Indian Intentions as they have the past experience of New Delhi's insincerity which they have admitted in the political sermons and media briefings.
to create and act out long-term plans'' instead of extreme bilateralism or a simple stance prioritizing U.
However, until it becomes a reality, the only viable thing to do is to use bilateralism as building block for multilateralism in intra-regional and inter-regional mosaic.
So far in the era of bilateralism, the investment has followed the trade in manufacturing and quite often the reverse in the case of services.
We can hide behind the bravado of bilateralism but the truth is that Washington holds the key to the locked doors of dialogue this time as well.
But world trade would soon turn disastrously to bilateralism and attendant preferences in trade.
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands have set out a new vision of bilateralism with two agreements to be signed today.
The reason is obvious: bilateralism allows Russia to play European states against one another, weakening the EU.

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