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Rebbeck TR, Friebel T, Lynch HT, Neuhausen SL, van't Veer L, Garber JE, et al: Bilateral prophylactic mastectomy reduces breast cancer risk in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers: the PROSE Study Group.
That more than half of BRCA-negative women in this study chose bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, a procedure not recommended in this population, is concerning, and reflects nationwide trends.
The most common risk- reducing surgery is bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.
The data indicated that bilateral prophylactic mastectomy reduces the risk of breast cancer by approximately 90%.
In women who do have a genetic predisposition for breast cancer, we, at the Breast Centre, Llandough Hospital, do offer counselling and the options of wait and watch or bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.
Efficacy of bilateral prophylactic mastectomy in BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation carriers.
Bilateral prophylactic mastectomy in women with inherited risk of breast cancer: prevalence of pain and discomfort, impact on sexuality, quality of life and feelings of regret two years after surgery.
However, among 90 patients undergoing bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, the rate of depression had not changed 1 year after the procedure.
In fact, the only intervention of greater preventive efficacy in breast cancer is bilateral prophylactic mastectomy In addition, the safety profiles of these two agents are excellent.
This has coincided with increased rates of bilateral prophylactic mastectomy (BPM) for genetic predisposition.
Let's look at the case of Rene Syler, former co-host of CBS' The Early Show, who, after evaluating her family history, underwent a successful bilateral prophylactic mastectomy to avoid breast cancer.

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