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Twice each year. It is used in business in a variety of circumstances. For example, a board of directors may meet or the company may distribute dividends biannually. Biennial means the same thing. See also: Quarter.


Occurring twice a year. Contrast with biennial, which means occurring every 2 years. If an adjustable-rate mortgage provides for rate changes biannually or biennially, it's important to know the difference.

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Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism: Hosted by the gals at Smith College, Meridians is a biannual journal that offers exciting new approaches to scholarly and creative work by and about women of color.
Fry presented these data at the 2004 TRC biannual conference.
Although DoD guidance encourages innovation by program managers, the organizational culture and a biannual budget process have not produced any significant changes for more efficient materiel acquisitions.
The third edition of Momentum, the biannual Nordic festival of contemporary art in the southern Norwegian town of Moss, had to be postponed a few years.
She also initiated PWC's golf outings eleven years ago and has been organizing the now biannual events ever since.
It is a biannual exercise involving all military services in which ammunition is restocked in South Korea and all obsolete ammunition is returned to the United States.
I had two fears while heading co the Russian River Women's Weekend, the biannual blowout (there's another one every fall; this year's begins September 17) that has been bringing thousands of, well, women-identified women to tiny Guerneville, Calif.
The Manatee County MTA teachers, who featured their Ninth Annual Creative Music Showcase, a composition competition for students of all ages, will sponsor a biannual Music Spectacular in November, with performances of multiple pianos by both students and teachers.
The country's most talented high school dance students gathered together with distinguished faculty last March for four days of classes, workshops, auditions, and competitions at the 7th biannual National High School Dance Festival.
In 2004, the RMA will also cosponsor programs with the Recycled Rubber Topical Group on ground rubber issues and work with the Rubber Association of Canada to develop the biannual RAC/RMA Rubber Conference.
On July 21st, the Nevada state legislature approved "a record $836 million tax increase that hits businesses, casinos and others to fund schools and the state's biannual budget" reported the AP.
The biannual Sunscreen Symposium, sponsored by the Florida chapter of the SCC, will be held Sept.