Bond equivalent yield

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Bond equivalent yield

Bond yield calculated on an annual percentage rate method. Differs from annual effective yield.

Bond Equivalent Yield

The non-annual yield of a bond expressed in annual terms. The bond equivalent yield helps an investor compare the return of a bond that pays a coupon on an annual basis with a bond with semi-annual, quarterly, or any other coupons. It is calculated thusly:

Bond equivalent yield = ((face value - purchase price) / purchase price) * (365 / days until maturity). See also: Annual Percentage Rate.
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In 2010, as part of an inventory of Mediterranean translations, Mardam Bey said that Emmanuel Varlet found that "only 0.
As the beys and their trading partners rapidly discovered, these French and British diplomats also used the implicit threat of military and economic power to pursue moral agendas, such as the abolition of slavery in the 1830s and 1840s.
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