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1. In real estate, an increase in the value of a property because of an improvement near the property that makes it more desirable for potential buyers. For example, if a municipality builds a highway or a park near a house, this may result in betterment for the homeowner.

2. In accounting, an increase in the value of an asset because of some improvement that increases its efficiency or profitability.


An improvement to real estate.
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After a strong year in the stock market, investors are likely to have substantial unrealized capital gains in the ETFs held in their Betterment accounts.
McCloskey not only produces a convincing argument, but she also clearly believes that the results of trade-tested betterment have been good for everyone affected.
Jon Stein, founder and CEO of Betterment, believes his firm can provide a better user experience for retirement savers and at a lower cost.
Selectmen pursued special legislation that authorized the town to acquire dams within its boundaries and assess betterments to residents who benefit from the lake to recoup the project costs.
The new temporary regulations define a betterment as an improvement that either:
Anything for betterment never gets too late, so Anusha good luck for putting things in the right direction.
Establishing separate forums for professionals like them will be a priority so that their expertise can be utilised for the betterment of the society, he said.
The Civic Betterment Award is presented to a singular person or organization who has dedicated substantial time and effort to helping solve the problems of New York and enriching the lives of the inhabitants of the metropolitan area.
Whatever decision I make, it's really important it's for the betterment of Australian cricket," he said.
10 -- Punjab government was encouraging private sector in the province for the betterment of the national economy, said Raja Zafarul Haq, Chairman and Senator Muslim League (N) here on Monday.
The proposed regulations set forth factors to be used in determining whether an expenditure results in "a betterment or restoration" of the property, which would require the expense to be capitalized.
This deftly produced CD audiobook showcases a life in service to the betterment of human society and will prove a informative, engaging, and welcome addition to both school and community libraries.