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Community residents related their observations that slush-ice berms form faster in areas where the nearshore coastal environment is shallow, for example, at Nome.
Tests in 2010 showed elevated radiation in sediment 2 to 4 feet deep at the bottom of the pond, and in a small part of the east side berm, about 8 inches deep.
However, neither of those decisions address or determine any specific elevation that warrants application of the berm standard.
Abdul-Kareem Ali Mahmoud, from Rakaba Hamandan, which is one of those villages, said they create barriers although "the area is not safe and we don't create berms until now because we have our people--groups of guards protecting the villages."
The Sailors' main mission is to reconstruct the berms to proper specifications, according to Navy LT.
Due to the likelihood of an enemy presence as well as the need to maintain contact with the personnel behind the berm, the trail section of Bradleys remained in visual contact with the possible enemy.
In certain instances, where the property constraints necessitate a berm with a bottom width greater than 30 ft, it may be necessary for the designer to place notes on the plan depicting the acceptable type of equipment, such as rubber-tired vehicles, and/or construction methods that can be used.
Small berms (not higher than an inch) around each plant will help them hold water.
The Fields were a parade ground used by the Prussians, the Wilhelmine army, the Nazis, and finally the Russians, who crisscrossed the flat ground with earth berms, thrown up as protective outworks for their barracks.
Short of excavating or dredging a new channel, the only option appeared to be a temporary water-diversion technique that required the construction of one or more sizable earthen berms in the middle of the river channel.
In the location imaged by the radar, the walls were constructed out of dirt to form raised berms much simpler than the well-photographed sections of wall near Beijing.
Moving sand, excavating dirt and reinforcing berms is what these earthmovers are all about.