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To give, especially in a will after death. For example, a grandfather may bequeath his house to his granddaughter in his will.


To leave personal property to another in a will. The word devise is used when referring to real property left by will.

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Caesar, in his dying gasp, bequeaths Octavius' future to the delectably brooding beefcake gladiator Tyrannus (Jonathan Cake), who's more at home slicing and dicing competitors in the gladiatorial ring than coping with women who eye him lasciviously.
In the historic document Shakespeare bizarrely bequeaths to his wife his 'second best bed' while friends and family receive the lion's share of his wealth.
If a testator bequeaths a residence outright to a beneficiary and the beneficiary uses the residence as a principal residence for the requisite period, the beneficiary will be entitled to the gain exclusion under Sec.