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To give, especially in a will after death. For example, a grandfather may bequeath his house to his granddaughter in his will.


To leave personal property to another in a will. The word devise is used when referring to real property left by will.

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The opportunity to pursue dreams and live up to others' expectations arises when his Uncle Jacob dies, bequeathing to him an old house in Aster, a formerly all black hamlet in Alberta, Canada.
In death, Muldoon remembered Borromeo and its people by bequeathing his episcopal ring to the parish.
Testating wives and widows displayed familiarity with economic practice when bequeathing their dowry property, a result of experience in borrowing, lending, investing, and producing.
Though there were no rules prohibiting bequeathing property to African- Americans in Georgia at the time, David's brother's attorney was perfectly willing to use race-based bluster to cause jury nullification, where emotion clouds the law - a tactic Johnny Cochran can appreciate if not exactly condone under these circumstances.
In news a little less stunning than Bill Gates's announcement that he plans on bequeathing all his Microsoft stock to the Vietnamese Women's Association, Newt Gingrich singlehandedly pushed through an ironclad campaign-finance reform bill that will forbid any contribution over ten bucks.