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To give, especially in a will after death. For example, a grandfather may bequeath his house to his granddaughter in his will.


To leave personal property to another in a will. The word devise is used when referring to real property left by will.

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"Ordinary house furnishing and household equipment shall be devolved to the intestate heirs irrespective of their degree of descent and the share of inheritance if they resided together with the bequeather for a period of at least one year before his death" (The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, 2011).
The place of the opening of succession is considered the last place of domicile of the bequeather. In order to acquire succession, a successor has to accept it.
If an inheritance passes to a bankrupt, his creditors shall have no title to the properties of such inheritance, except after creditors of the bequeather receive their dues from such properties.