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To give, especially in a will after death. For example, a grandfather may bequeath his house to his granddaughter in his will.


To leave personal property to another in a will. The word devise is used when referring to real property left by will.

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The court made it plain that a will is a contract between a bequeather (donor) and the bequeathed (benefactor) that the latter would receive and accept the former's legacy after that person's death.
Mr Platt bequeathed his 13 books to the British Museum in 1919, and they were subsequently moved to the British Library in the early 1970s.
Long-standing governor Mrs Reed, whose daughter Lowri, 10, is being taught there, said, 'This is one of the oldest schools in the area - it was bequeathed to the village as to educate local children as a permanent school.
Churches in Longwood have received cash boosts - thanks to money bequeathed by a former resident.
Virtually all common law states provide a statutory right to a surviving spouse, allowing him or her to elect to receive a statutory portion of the probate estate of u deceased spouse in lieu of amounts bequeathed to the survivor under the decedent's testamentary plan.
Had she done so, the assets would have passed directly to the order--as if the sister had never been bequeathed them--and qualified for an estate tax charitable deduction.
A notable collection of antique furniture brought and bequeathed by more than a century of residents distinguishes the decor throughout the building.
A house, bequeathed to a church and used as temporary housing for its missionaries on home assignment, was not used purely and exclusively for religious purposes according to the Court of Appeals of Tennessee.
One of Augusta's KaRel family is bequeathed the most powerful weapon imagineable: the Fire of God.
Omen sat there wondering what just happened, if it was fate or just a common denominator bequeathed with ungulance.
The late Chris Farley's Matt Foley character has bequeathed several successors since the days when he implored his listeners to beware of ending up "in a trailer .