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To give, especially in a will after death. For example, a grandfather may bequeath his house to his granddaughter in his will.


To leave personal property to another in a will. The word devise is used when referring to real property left by will.

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The peaceful transfer of power will be banned if we inspire for change, as well as wait for an end to the two presidential terms as per the constitution because the Constitution always undergoes surgical operations with the intention of paving the way for bequeathal of power.
In light of the awakening of the Arab youth, their "electronic" communication and their wild wish to achieve their dreams inside their countries, the changing of the governments' rhetoric, the continuous pledges to introduce reforms and the denial of bequeathal are not enough, unless the people see the implementation of these promises on the ground and unless the governments start expanding the margin of popular participation.
Newcastle University operates the Bequeathal Program for those in the North East wishing to donate their bodies to medical science after their death.
The Supreme Leader's reaching out to young people all over the world represents his orientation toward building a better future; while the Saudi king's bequeathal of his kingdom to a gaggle of feuding geriatric sybarites illustrates that kingdom's ineffectual wallowing in the quagmires of the past.
The concept of justice in a society: he listed five injunctions and practices in Islam which to his mind underscore the significance of justice, namely, the prohibition of injustice, the wealth tax, the division of inheritance, the bequeathal of personal wealth for the public good, and charity.
No funeral -- bequeathal to Keele University School of Medicine.
Every new generation of such politicians - who accessed power through bequeathal and "self efforts" - seems to be worse than the preceding generation.
His bequeathal is in addition to $500,000 he gave his alma mater several years ago.
In Egypt, the crisis of power bequeathal and corruption, combined with the population explosion, poverty and unemployment, would constitute a deadly recipe for any regime.
In the face of the seemingly irrepressible biological patterns of procreation and bequeathal, an imagined self-containment (reimagined virginity) permits Ike to avert his eyes from the progressive erosion of his rural tradition and the evermore insistent confrontations with realigning social conditions.
These petty thieveries may be perceived to be symbolic of the horrific seizure by "foreigners" of the native people's total birthright and inheritance, their just land bequeathal wrested away from them, acreage by acreage, as the historical narrative of the book unfolds.
Turner which, remarkably, have been exhibited in the gallery every January since their bequeathal by Henry Vaughan in 1900.