below par

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Below par

Less than the nominal or face value of a security.

Below Par

Describing a bond that is issued or sold at a price below its face value. For example, a bond with par of $10,000 might be issued to an investor for $7,000. All zero-coupon bonds are issued below par.

below par

Of or relating to a security that sells at less than face value or par value. For example, a $1,000 par bond with a market price of $850 is below par. Likewise, a $100 par preferred stock with a market price of $80 is below par. Fixed-income securities usually trade below par because market rates of interest are higher than they were when the securities were issued. Compare above par. See also discount bond.
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energy giant Enron, fell below par value when financial markets were rocked by the news that Enron was on the verge of collapse.
Standard & Poor's would treat a redemption below par as a default.
If everybody plays below par in this league you expect to lose games, but we got a point.
I don't think it is the players who should be blamed for the below par performance in the ongoing ODI series.
You get games like that when you drop a little below par when you expected to win.
Though a couple of players were below par against Sunderland, barring injuries, I would begin with the same 11.
OXFORD boss Ian Atkins admitted his side did not deserve to take anything after a below par performance.
have fallen below par value because the bonds issued by Enron have become worthless.
While distressed exchanges might be considered technically 'voluntary' in nature, such exchanges can result in a reduction of principal or coupon, a tender at a level considerably below par, and the like, and are typically an effort to avert the prospect of bankruptcy.
FRANCE play maker Zinedine Zidane insists his side will be fully prepared for the start of Euro 2004 despite a below par performance in their 1-0 win over Ukraine on Sunday.
Shea said: "I think the result was more important than performance which was below par.
It was the perfect antidote to the below par showing at Crewe and will have pleased the manager, not because the result was better but because the performance was better.