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In an effort to give our daughters positive role models, Erin and Brent Weidemann created the Bible Belles series.
The Belles are now 57 ladies strong and still taking in new members who share their love of singing.
Nerves were soon settled when the Belles took the lead, from a corner kick the ball falling nicely to Kirsty Flynn who coolly volleyed into the top corner leaving the goalkeeper totally stranded.
As the wagon glides north again towards Market Street, the intoxicating aroma of chili-cheese burgers, French fries, and chili dogs lure the Belles to Ed's Drive-In, Pascagoula's well-known hamburger hangout.
The Belles got on Johnny Carson's ``Tonight Show'' and other TV and radio shows, which led to a lot of private party gigs.
A longtime athlete who'd played softball, rugby, and flag football and has a first-degree black belt in karate, she says the ad piqued her interest, so she and Ericsson decided to watch the Belles tryouts.
However, we can reveal that this year's belle may not be like Daniel's other well-known belles.
Whickham took an early lead with the Belles coming close on several occasions, but it was with the last kick of the game that Cali Belles equalised through Becca Hardman.
Written in 1968, ``Les Belles Soeurs'' (``The Beautiful Sisters'') was a popular and highly controversial product, very much of its time.
Tuesday afternoon, Belles and Rebecca Dmytryk, executive director of the group, rescued a tiny brown-eyed sea lion - only the latest in a long line of rescues that have packed the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro.
Now, the Liberty Belles sponsor and coach teams in each age group from 10-18, and the organization recently had three of its clubs place in the top nine or better in national AAU tournaments.
It is Albert Belle, the misanthrope of the would-be national pastime.