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Objective (mutual funds)

The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g. Aggressive growth, balanced.
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For instance, while the assessment process provided a detailed list of Mike's assets and limitations, which were used to guide program delivery, more specific goals and behavioral objectives were needed to accurately gauge progress and eventual success of the program.
This goal will be measured through behavioral objectives indicating that clients will demonstrate observable positive coping techniques during recreational therapy programming.
By stating behavioral objectives, we are better able to plan our training to reach these objectives.
history." One of my favorites, encountered in a state's language arts curriculum syllabus, was that "the student will learn to relish fine literature." (I never heard of an objective that "the student will mayonnaise mathematics," but it sounds equally plausible.) Advocates of behavioral objectives, however, abandoned such generalities in favor of objectives that actually spelled out what behaviors a student should be able to exhibit after instruction.
The objective of the lesson determined the methods (review and practice with immediate corrective feedback) and also determined the test (writing a behavioral objective).
Through the previous steps, judges responses have treated statistically Calculates the percentage of the views of experts about the appropriateness of the suggested components, frequency and the percentage (Judges validity), percentage of experts agreement ranged from (81.52% to 100%) Internal consistency of the components between (0.584 to 0.891), Identify behavioral objectives of a Physical education textbook, percentage of experts agreement ranged from (83.70% to 98.91%) Internal consistency of behavioral objectives between (0.548 to 0.853).
Establish behavioral objectives and real evaluation for bishops.
Al-Zahrani explained that the training program is based on a total of 50 hours of training, which include the training of ethics, institutional affiliation, the use of modern training techniques, methods, in addition to the formulation of behavioral objectives.
Behavioral objectives: Evaluation in nursing (3rd ed.).
-- Health care providers know that adherence to diabetes treatment is a key to achieving optimal glycemic control and that educated patients who focus on behavioral objectives do better at controlling the disease, according to Laurence Hirsch, vice president of global medical affairs at BD Medical --Diabetes Care.
The WNA Board endorse the Wisconsin's Minimum Set of Basic Parish Nurse Education Outcomes and Behavioral Objectives.

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