bedroom community

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Bedroom Community

A primarily residential town where most residents commute to work in a larger city. For example, many industrial workers may live in a small town outside the city in which the factory is located; they must either drive or take public transportation to go to work each day. Bedroom communities generally have little economy of their own beyond retail shops for use by residents. They are often, but not always, suburbs.

bedroom community

An area consisting primarily of commuter residences and small local establishments—grocery,laundry,limited dining,and other similar businesses catering to residents—but no large employers.Also called a dormitory town.

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Sunshine was a bedroom community because it had a rural population, was located in a rural municipality, and exhibited many of the social propensities commonly associated with a rural community.
To assist in describing the association between community involvement in school and the social networks existing or lacking within a bedroom community, I asked participants to identify types of community involvement they deemed as important.
As mentioned above, community involvement in school held great potential to strengthen the social cohesion of the community; however, in many ways, Sunshine's status as a bedroom community also limited the social cohesion of the community.
The bedroom community status also had an influence on the activities and feelings of Sunshine's teachers.
We're pretty much a little bedroom community up here and we kind of like it that way,'' said Kathy Phillipson, chairwoman of the Saugus Spirit Committee, formed to help plan community improvements.
That was the message Wednesday night from one of the state's top economists to Santa Clarita, the former bedroom community that has quickly become the tiger of economic development for Los Angeles County.
The other is a bedroom community off the freeway in Ventura County.