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He thinks I'll beat the rap and be able to stay in here."
Last week publican Brian Gannon beat the rap for broadcasting live Premiership football in his Rochdale pub at 3pm on a Saturday.
Now they've been left fuming after Bar 67 in Gallowgate, a favourite haunt of Celtic fans, including hundreds of Irish who travel over for the games, beat the rap with nothing more than a warning.
But Lewis beat the rap and went on to have arguably the finest season ever by a defensive player.
By the time Armand Roy was able to "beat the rap" on his calling card caper, he'd already put his other embarrassing employment `mishap' behind him and had landed on his feet, securing a plum gig with Lucien Bouchard's Quebec separatist government.
Seattle authorities tried to slap Honkala with a nationwide gag order, but she beat the rap on free-speech grounds.
The scan confirmed that the beast had a heart with a structure that could finally help dinosaurs beat the rap as cold-blooded killers.

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