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With this novel, Cumming joins Alan Furst, David Ignatius and Olen Steinhauer among the most skillful current spy novelists, and he bears comparison with masters such as John le Carre and Graham Greene.
An engaging book that easily bears comparison to John McPhee's writings on the geology of the U.
bar] CRAIG Bellamy and Jay Bothroyd have rarely operated as an out-and-out strike partnership this season, though their tally of 24 goals between them still bears comparison with the best in the division.
Only the "bodyline" row of the early 1930s, when England pace bowlers' short-pitched attack against the Australian batsmen almost scuppered the series bears comparison in actual cricket history.
The United States is represented by Joshua Cohen, whose Witz bears comparison, in both scope and accomplishment, to David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest--though with a bit of the Borscht Belt mixed in.
Robert Corbin, an opposition leader, said that the situation in Guyana bears comparison to Liberia under former President Charles Taylor, who is now facing war crimes charges before a UN-backed court.
The policy bears comparison with the "Patient's Passport" idea dropped by the Tories after the last general election.
But the Australian batsman is just about the only sport sman who bears comparison with the world's No.
This is the sixth Coventry Godiva Festival that I have helped to promote and I think the line-up of acts bears comparison to any we have ever assembled," he said.
The Wolverhampton Wanderers manager agrees that the timing of Sven-Goran Eriksson's departure bears comparison with the way Hoddle took over from Terry Venables in 1996.
The bespoke fireplace will be hand-sculpted from the finest marble or stone by master carvers, and can be given a distressed finish that bears comparison with any antique piece.
104 already exists in a number of grand recordings from the Czech Philharmonic (for example with Georg Szell, Vaclav Talich or Vaclav Neumann), making it very difficult for anyone to come up with a different interpretation that bears comparison.