bearer instrument

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Bearer Instrument

A security that contains no ownership information and whose physical bearer is presumed to be the owner. Bearer instruments may be bought and sold without endorsement. Due to the increased digitization of the market, they are quite rare.

bearer instrument

A security that does not include the name of the owner or payee. Anyone in possession of the instrument may present it and receive payment.

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The notion that a borrower is precluded from challenging a holder's right of enforcement is often expressed apothegmatically as: "Even a thief is entitled to enforce a bearer instrument.
2011) (noting that the ability of a thief to obtain payment on bearer instruments has factored in literature and film storylines).
On the other hand, since it is a bearer instrument with a liquid secondary market, Euroequity does not dismantle the registration barrier.
Under this procedure, securities can be offered abroad as bearer instruments, called "targeted registered securities," which are exempt from U.
As long as criminality remains in the underground of aliases, coded messages, false documents, bearer instruments, and clandestine operations, it is often undetectable to even seasoned investigators.
Roever envisions Navio rifles acting as bearer instruments, like cash bills certified by the Federal Bank or stock certificates.
Campaign against bearer instruments has also led to diversion of funds towards the share market.
Cash isn't just spending money, it can also be bearer instruments, cashiers' cheques, money orders, travellers cheques.
Italian law prohibits the use of cash or negotiable bearer instruments for transferring money in amounts in excess of approximately $15,000, except through authorized intermediaries or brokers.
As of May 2002, all persons entering or leaving one of the island territories of the Netherlands Antilles shall report money of NAF 20,000 (approximately US$11,300) or more in cash or bearer instruments to Customs officials.