bear trap

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Bear trap

The predicament facing short sellers when a bear market reverses its trend and becomes bullish. The assets continue to sell in anticipation of further declines in price, and short sellers then are forced to cover at higher prices.

Bear Trap

An indication that a security's increasing price has reversed itself, causing some investors to sell it. Unfortunately, the reversal is short-lived or non-existent, and the security continues to increase. Investors who have sold after a bear trap often have a difficult time buying back their securities because they cannot find sellers. See also: Bull trap, Bull market.

bear trap

An accumulation of shares being sold short by bears trying to drive down the price of a stock. The bear trap occurs when the bears find they must repurchase the shares from an individual or a group at an artificial price determined by the seller.
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MAUL TO PLAY FOR Gers board must plan their next step carefully in feud with Mike Ashley or else they'll be locked in the bear trap
But this time, he got his arm caught in a bear trap.
As soon as I placed the piece of metal on the sanding disk, my hand was caught in what felt like a bear trap.
However Villegas, nicknamed Spider-Man for the elastic-like flexibility he displays lining up putts, nearly lost his grip on the lead with three bogeys on the tougher back nine, including the 15th - the opener to the three hole Bear Trap series.
The new look, dubbed Mash Up, sees the old swirling fruit images replaced by an apple, orange and cherry being punctured by an arrow, detonated and dangled above a bear trap respectively.
Though he ended up losing millions personally, Bear Trap does not come off as the diatribe of a scorned employee.
For example Amanda (Smith) wakes up to find a bear trap like device attached to her mouth and head.
We are ascending a high ridge above Bear Trap Canyon on a stormy spring day.
Can I suggest that the bear trap that is seen by Santa's grotto on page 21.
Once at the site, students face a bear trap, barbed wire, and numerous hills that wind through rough terrain.
The bladderwort, or Utricularia purpurea, "is not like a bear trap," she says, but more like a terrarium.
Praising the "town square model" as an important ingredient in any development, Kea said that this concept plays an important role in several of his firm's developments, including The Village at Bear Trap Dunes, now under construction in Ocean View, DE, as well as the planned community, Americana Bayside, near Fenwick Island, Delaware.