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Dab went on, "In addition to our activities in North America, we believe that 2007 will see both our Italian and French initiatives bear fruit and bring us contracts that will generate significant revenues in the future.
BEIRUT: A bid to expand the opposition's delegation at next week's scheduled Geneva II peace talks won't have enough time to bear fruit, according to prominent opposition figure Haitham Mann.
Despite a mixed bag of nutrition policies across states and even school districts, products that are all fruit, such as the Bear Fruit Bar, meet most guidelines.
In a time that invites constant change, it may serve us well, before we dismiss the LBW, to befriend the treasures of the tradition that it has bequeathed to us and cultivate the seeds that still have potential to bear fruit.
Blackcurrants bear fruit on young wood, so aim to cut out about 20pc of the old wood each year after they've fruited.
Our elected leaders in government should understand that even if "ready credit" became a reality and the tax regulations were changed overnight, it would take years for new development to take root and bear fruit for the economy at large.
Some bear fruit that lives up to the legend; others yield disappointingly sour, dry, or tasteless pulp.
We saw our expansion efforts bear fruit, with our technology recently installed in New Haven, Connecticut parking operations during the quarter.
Mountain Organic Foods' Bear Fruit Bar, a sponsor of America's Walk for Diabetes this Saturday, is among a new crop of healthier alternatives made from "real food" ingredients.
And elsewhere in the region, the Bush administration's comprehensive strategy in the war on terror are beginning to bear fruit.
We have spent the last several years in an important R&D mode and the efforts of these intensive activities are about to bear fruit.
July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The new Bear Fruit Bar from Mountain Organic Foods has been added to a list of snack foods with "great taste and good nutrition" at Winningfoods.