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Anything used for comparison. For example, a company that wishes to determine whether its profits are increasing or decreasing may compare them to a previous year's profits. In this case, the previous year's profits are considered the base line. A baseline is also called a base. See also: Benchmark, Base currency.


East-west lines in the public land survey system, part of the baseline and meridian line components. Each principal meridian has a baseline. Properties in the principal meridian's area are described by their bearing east or west of the meridian and north or south of the baseline.

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During 1Q 2003 the Company submitted all of the accompanying and additional base line data in Spanish and English languages.
The Cumberland River Compact will use funding to conduct sediment and stream bank loss data collection to establish a base line, implement rural and urban Best Management Practices, and institute several site-specific Best Management Practice demonstration projects.
There's a air-conditioned Hall of Fame room above the first base line, filled with Trojan memorabilia from their 12 national titles, where USC coach Mike Gillespie has his office, where there's even a giant-screen TV for those who want to keep up with the NCAA Tournament games.
The company has also submitted all of the accompanying and additional base line data in Spanish and English languages, and the EIA review by the Government of Peru is continuing.
Goldberg most recently served as Director of Operations for Premier Practice Management, where he developed and implemented new strategies for increasing revenue and reducing costs, operationally out-performing the company's base line by 500%.
What is exciting about the Census is that it gives companies like MapInfo the ability to validate our estimates and set a base line for future analysis," said Jon Winslow, CRM market director at MapInfo.
The new terminal will be located between Tremaine Road, First Line, Britannia Road and Lower Base Line and is scheduled to open in late-2002.
We welcome this base line data, but that's the emphasis here - it's base line data.
average percentage reductions relevant to base line are as follows):

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