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Anything used for comparison. For example, a company that wishes to determine whether its profits are increasing or decreasing may compare them to a previous year's profits. In this case, the previous year's profits are considered the base line. A baseline is also called a base. See also: Benchmark, Base currency.
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East-west lines in the public land survey system, part of the baseline and meridian line components. Each principal meridian has a baseline. Properties in the principal meridian's area are described by their bearing east or west of the meridian and north or south of the baseline.

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Table-: Comparison of CRT and logMAR in CRVO and BRVO patients from base line to 4 and 12 week post injection.
* RATHER THAN APPLYING index adjustments to a single base year, a CPA should create a composite base line, probably from a five-year average taken from a violation-free period.
The upcoming serviced residences will offer a range of apartment designs from 16 to 60 square meters in Base Line Prestige, the third tower of CLI's Base Line Center, a mixed-use development in the heart of Cebu City.
Currently the programme is running in 14 districts, the sources said and added Gallop Pakistan, hired by PBM for Base Line Survey and Rapid assessment, has reported encouraging results.
Eighteen healthy elderly volunteers meeting Age Associated Memory Impairment inclusion and exclusion criteria were treated for 12 weeks with plant-source derived phosphatydilserine (PS) (100 mg x 3/day p.o.) and evaluated at base line, after 6 weeks of treatment and at the end of the trial.
THE Barber Institute of Fine Arts is running CelloMania, the chance for cellists under the age of 18 to play more than base line.
Methods: We analyzed the relation between neurologic gait status at base line and the development of dementia in a prospective study involving 422 subjects older than 75 years of age who lived in the community and did not have dementia at base line.
Russell said most customers of the 65th Street and Base Line branches, er, banking centers will shift their business over to Geyer Springs, although some may go to other, uh, buildings that say Bank of America on the outside.
Serum hormone levels were measured at base line and at 4, 8, and 12 weeks.
Kafelnikov has beaten the Brit in eight of their 11 meetings but Henman said: "He plays so consistently around the base line, picking his spot so well and making it very difficult.
The base line is a scale to show the range of the specification.
When seen on the rate of cooling graph, the area above the rate of cooling and the base line is proportional to the amount of solidification.

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