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Invited commentary: putting standard base excess to the test.
base excess, urea and glucose than horses with large bowel lesions, suggesting a condition of metabolic alkalosis and more severe stress.
Base excess (BE)--see text -3 to +3 mmol/L p24, for description Anion gap--see text p24, for 3-11 mmol/L description Oxygen saturation--per cent 94-99 % haemoglobin saturated with oxygen in arterial blood (Sa[O.
Many clinicians disregard or put much less emphasis on some of the reported results, or do not report it at all, citing insignificance of the calculated values; total CO2, base excess and standard bicarbonate .
We monitored the pH, the base excess, the lactate level and the [O.
1 is a scatter plot of cord arterial blood 8-isoprostane plotted against cord arterial base excess according to actual neonatal outcome group for all cases.
European NATO members are scrutinizing their own military base excess capacity in an effort to save money; only in the U.