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A lonely brother, many thousands of miles away, writing, on paper blotted with tears, that her words had too soon come true, and that all the treasures in the world would be cheaply bartered for a sight of her dear face?
There was the sleepy Sunday of his boyhood, when, like a military deserter, he was marched to chapel by a picquet of teachers three times a day, morally handcuffed to another boy; and when he would willingly have bartered two meals of indigestible sermon for another ounce or two of inferior mutton at his scanty dinner in the flesh.
According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, more than 250,000 American businesses bartered $9.
A company can give the bartered goods or services as a bonus or as part of a compensation package--without tapping cash.
Homo economicus either bartered or made do with what he caught, foraged or grew himself.