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Economic and market data that represent an overall trend. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an example of a stock market barometer.

Barometer Stock

A stock in a well-known or highly-regarded company in a given sector. The performance of a barometer stock is considered to be an indicator of the performance of its particular sector or industry. The term "barometer stock" is chiefly British; in the U.S., the primary term is bellwether stock.


An indicator of fluctuations. For example, the S&P 500 is a barometer for stock market movements. Likewise, long-term interest rates are a barometer of inflationary expectations.
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During February, the barometric pressure oscillated with small amplitude (Fig.
The following quick reference table attempts to summarize the barometric pressure, and observations on fish activity and fishing techniques based on research from other experts.
7) we found coincidence between duration of inverse barometric effects and magnification of amplitude of harmonic signals.
It has been established that a shark senses barometric pressure through the hair cells in its balance system.
More than a handful of pilots have looked down at their GPS receiver and were perplexed to note a discrepancy between that altitude and the one being displayed on the aircraft's barometric altimeter.
Also, the barometric draft makes a great entry for fire extinguishing using chemicals should there be a flue fire.
Remember, it is the profile of temperature gradients and barometric differentials that provide the throttle behind this engine's drive to maintain its equilibrium.
This uncertainty component could also be eliminated through computation, provided that the barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature are sampled throughout each force calibration.
Barometric Pressure: Hurricanes occur in the atmosphere (gas layer that surrounds and presses on Earth's surface).
Sensortechnics has introduced BSDX-BARO barometric pressure sensors that offer OEM customers precise air pressure measurement in the range of 800 to 1,100 mbar (12 to 16 psi) absolute.
A strong inverse correlation exists between groundwater-levels and barometric pressure.
SAIC's support to NDBC involves the maintenance of 152 gathering stations that collect real-time data on atmosphere, ocean, wind, rainfall, temperature and salinity that collect real-time atmospheric (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and winds) and ocean (sea surface temperature, currents, and waves) data.