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1. To negotiate. For example, if the asking price for a house is $300,000 and a potential buyer does not want to pay that much, he may bargain with the seller to lower the price to $280,000.

2. A purchase with a price lower than fair market value, or at least lower than competitors' prices.


  1. the sale of a product at a cut price as a means of promoting sales of the product. See SALES PROMOTION.
  2. the sale or purchase of a FINANCIAL SECURITY on the STOCK MARKET.
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Readers interested in American and Japanese exceptionalism will find a separate chapter devoted to them, and in it, interesting ideas about the relationship between single-employer bargaining and the countries' distinctive personnel management practices as substitutes for multi-employer bargaining for securing managerial control and neutralizing the workplace.
OCB also has a mechanism for the districts to collect staff time spent on collective bargaining for the purpose of reporting it to the state for "mandated cost reimbursements.
Smith coordinated and advised member companies in arbitration and grievances arising out of the national collective bargaining agreement and was a participant in collective bargaining for the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1971.