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1. To negotiate. For example, if the asking price for a house is $300,000 and a potential buyer does not want to pay that much, he may bargain with the seller to lower the price to $280,000.

2. A purchase with a price lower than fair market value, or at least lower than competitors' prices.


  1. the sale of a product at a cut price as a means of promoting sales of the product. See SALES PROMOTION.
  2. the sale or purchase of a FINANCIAL SECURITY on the STOCK MARKET.
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The university's bargainers thought they found a work-around to the disagreement last week when they proposed creating a medical or childbirth "hardship fund" that all graduate students - whether or not they held a fellowship - could tap in an emergency.
libertarian's status as a Bargainer or a Battler largely depends on what issue he or she works on every day.
This framework allows us to consider scenarios in which an arbitrator or final decision maker places little or much weight on the recommendation, and we model the effects of such weighting on the bargainers' contract zone--the region of outcomes that both bargainers both prefer to an arbitrated outcome.
Farber (1980) and Miller (2000) suggest that FOA bargainers strategically align their final offers around the median of the arbitrator's preferred award distribution.
But it died when House bargainers refused to accept it on a voice vote;
We know if we get a new building it could ensure our future,'' Sturn said as she strolled around the school and into the courtyard where bargainers rummaged through racks of clothes, examined computer keyboards and picked through stacks of stuffed animals.
The passage from January 5th to 6th became a long night that paid off for city bargainers and brought cheers from a real estate industry that was ready to play ball and not strike out.
This information guided the simulated bargainers in forming new demand strategies.
SNP industry spokesman Alasdair Morgan said: "These types of companies are hard bargainers so they'll be trying to milk it for all its worth.
Positional bargainers come to the meeting with a fixed position and argue to prove that they are right.
Bargainers also modified contract language dealing with several work rules, including one that now requires employees to travel up to 35 miles from their regular job site to an alternative work site without compensation for the trip, another that governs how employees will be chosen for overtime during emergencies such as storms that down or damge power lines, and one that addresses training and safety arrangements for work on high-voltage lines.
In the process, he's gained a reputation as one of the toughest bargainers in the business.