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1. To negotiate. For example, if the asking price for a house is $300,000 and a potential buyer does not want to pay that much, he may bargain with the seller to lower the price to $280,000.

2. A purchase with a price lower than fair market value, or at least lower than competitors' prices.


  1. the sale of a product at a cut price as a means of promoting sales of the product. See SALES PROMOTION.
  2. the sale or purchase of a FINANCIAL SECURITY on the STOCK MARKET.
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Shure and Meeker's (1967) and Harnett and Cummings' (1980) bargainer characteristic measures were adapted for this study.
Of course, seasoned positional bargainers might anticipate an outcome of this sort and might attempt to turn the situation to their advantage by exaggerating their positions.
Although this may simply connote strategic bracketing around the arbitrators' preferred award, bargainer signaling may play some role in offer submission.
Now suppose that one bargainer grabs the other's arm and twists it painfully behind him while demanding that he give in.
Dozen-year GTF bargainer David Cecil - who took a job with the new UO faculty union - was replaced by Amber Cooper, who has worked for graduate unions in Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin.
Better bargainers confer a positive externality upon all consumers, poor as well as skilled bargainers, in that they erode the value to the seller of rejecting the current buyer in favor of continued search: as the mean [Mathematical Expression Omitted] of buyer bargaining ability increases, the seller's monopoly power diminishes and he lowers his reservation price.
In the present study, using a micro-level dataset on public school negotiations in Pennsylvania (where teacher strikes are legal), which includes detailed information on bargainer attributes, we examine explicitly how bargainers' experience affects the probability and duration of strikes.
When a tentative deal arrived between United Academics and University of Oregon bargainers on Wednesday afternoon, the sound of clapping filled the air in a room at the Knight Library.
29, 1998, Bargainer saw two men enter Black's house in Farmers Branch, according to court documents.
Prizes were also given to 12 other teams including prizes for best bargainer and best race time.
So, keep your wits about you when you shop and be a hard-nosed bargainer, picking up the bulk deals at cooperatives if you want to keep your budget on track.
The capacity to perceive the position as the other side identifies it is an outstanding skill a bargainer can own.