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1. To negotiate. For example, if the asking price for a house is $300,000 and a potential buyer does not want to pay that much, he may bargain with the seller to lower the price to $280,000.

2. A purchase with a price lower than fair market value, or at least lower than competitors' prices.
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  1. the sale of a product at a cut price as a means of promoting sales of the product. See SALES PROMOTION.
  2. the sale or purchase of a FINANCIAL SECURITY on the STOCK MARKET.
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People are so kind; they seem really to think I do them a favour in letting them make me rich, and giving me good bargains.'
But all the time the Sheriff said within himself, "Thy jest to me of Robin Hood shall cost thee dear, good fellow, even four hundred pounds, thou fool." For he thought he would make at least that much by his bargain.
The soldiers of Middleton, in anticipation of his arrival, had bargained with an unsuccessful trader for the use of his boat, which lay in the stream ready to receive its cargo, and nothing remained to complete the arrangements for the long journey.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman National Accountability Bureau Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal has approved the plea bargain request of Rs10.665 billion in ongoing investigation against seven accused involved in the fake accounts scam.
Ollie's Bargain Outlet (NASDAQ: OLLI) announces its next round of earnings this Wednesday, August 28.
It also institutionalizes the Supreme Court (SC) order adopting the framework for plea bargain deals in drug cases.
According to details, the anti-corruption watchdog has succeeded in Nooriabad Power Company and Sindh Transmission Funds corruption cases as the plea bargain request of officers of both companies - Asif Mehmood and Arif Ali - has been accepted.
The Minimum Wage Law was enacted in 1952 and the Industrial Peace Act, which introduced the right of unions to bargain collectively, in 1953.
KARACHI -- An accountability court on Wednesday approved a plea bargain between the National Accountability Bureau and two detained builders, who pledged to compensate around 600 people affected by a housing scheme scandal after 18 years.
ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court (SC) Thursday sought 'a plea bargain record' in Gen (reted) Zahid Ali Akber case from National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday summoned the standard operating procedure (SOP) for plea bargain deals from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Express News reported.