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In the Championship, Millwall topped the stats with 64 banning orders, followed by Leeds United (58) and Cardiff City (56).
It's a personal choice and banning smoking outdoors is an infringement on civil liberties.
The law is aimed at banning what doctors identify as intact dilation and extraction (D&X), which is used most often between twelve and twenty weeks and occasionally after twenty weeks of pregnancy, depending on the physician's determination of the best way to terminate a problem pregnancy with the woman's health interest in mind.
A Bay State regulation banning the diposal of those materials, as well as scrap metal and corrugated containers, is tentatively scheduled to take effect Dec.
James advocates banning new feeding operations, but he doesn't support the shutting down of existing ones due to potential animal dependence and employment reasons.
But Pius Ncube, the outspoken Roman Catholic archbishop of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second city, said the banning of Bishop Kunonga ia a warning to other church leaders.
Bylaws banning smoking in restaurants are already in place in two northwestern communities and many more are under development.
Chairman Brown is the one who resurrected the banning issue in a speech in 1999.
Twenty-eight states have passed laws banning "partial-birth" abortions.
Last term, for example, the Court struck down a law banning advertisements of alcohol content in beer because the government's reasons were belied by the patchwork nature of the ban.
51 on the be Industrial/ service 100, joined a growing number of radio station owners in banning lyrics they consider derogatory, sexually explicit or violent.