bank note

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Bank note

A term used synonymously with paper money or currency issued by a bank. Notes are, in effect, a promise to pay the bearer on demand the amount stated on the face of the note. Today, only the Federal Reserve Banks are authorized to issue bank notes, i.e. Federal Reserve notes, in the United States.

Bank Note

A note issued by a bank and accepted as money. In a fiat money system (that is, in all modern monetary systems), a bank note is the same as cash. In general, bank notes are issued by the central bank (or by a bank authorized by the central bank to print money) and are legal tender. It is also called paper money.

bank note

Currency issued and guaranteed by a bank. The sole issuer of bank notes in the United States is the Federal Reserve Bank.

bank note

the paper CURRENCY issued by a CENTRAL BANK which forms part of a country's MONEY SUPPLY. Bank notes in the main constitute the ‘high value’ part of the money supply. See MINT, LEGAL TENDER, FIDUCIARY ISSUE, BANK OF ENGLAND.
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The NGC bank notes were launched in 2010 under the Aquino administration, such that the preceding bank notes under the New Design Series (NDS) will be demonetized on Jan.
The value of a bank note is equal to one plus any expected capital gain or loss scaled by the inverse of the interest rate.
In order for exchange to take place in any of the single-coincidence-of-wants matches, it must be the case that the agent who wishes to consume has an asset (either a bank note or money) and the agent who does not wish to consume has no asset.
Today we're giving you a new blue Make Money gamecard containing another unique set of eight green half bank notes.
Recently Mike returned to the bank with old paperwork to reclaim the box and was presented with the bank note, along with a collection of wage packets, IOUs, and old money.
5 million special $10 bank notes into general circulation.
Such concerns prompted the Canadian government's recent proposal to cease issuing its $1,000 bank note.
Australia started experimenting with plastic bank notes in 1992.
FILIPINOS living and working overseas who still have old peso bills in their possession will be given more time to exchange them for the new bank notes, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said.
British provider of financial services the Royal Bank of Scotland on Tuesday revealed with Ryder Cup Europe the design for the world's first commemorative Ryder Cup bank note.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 18, 2014-Commemorative Ryder Cup bank note to be printed by RBS