bank holding company

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Bank holding company

A company that owns or has controlling interest in two or more banks and/or other bank holding companies.

Bank Holding Company

A company that is the majority shareholder in at least one bank. A bank holding company controls the operations of the banks it owns. Bank holding companies have access to liquidity from regulators through the loans made to the banks themselves. In the United States, bank holding companies must register with the Federal Reserve and are subject to its regulation, though they may also be responsible to other regulators as well. Re-registering as a bank holding company became a favored way for investment banks and other companies to increase their liquidity in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

bank holding company

A corporation that owns the stock of one or more banks and thus exercises control over the bank or banks. See also holding company.
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25(c)), and to the Board's authority to require such modification or termination of the activities of a bank holding company or any of its subsidiaries as the Board find necessary to ensure compliance with, and to prevent evasion of, the provisions of the BHC Act and the Board's regulations and orders issued thereunder.
SouthTrust also would control less than 20 percent of the total deposits of insured depository institutions in Texas, the maximum percentage of total deposits in the state that is permitted under state law to be controlled by a bank holding company after an interstate acquisition.
The examiner's responsibilities are discussed with regard to ensuring that a banking organization's management of country risks is appropriately addressed during the bank holding company inspection process.
iii) With respect to a bank holding company, the State in which the total deposits of all banking subsidiaries of such company are the largest on the later of:
The Governmental Accounting standards Board published a new technical bulletin on deposits and investments for certain bank holding company transactions, as well as a new interpretation on recognizing property tax revenue.
Amex: PMB) and The Bank Holding Company today jointly announced that they have executed a definitive agreement for Premier Bancshares, Inc.
In particular, if a large bank holding company is nothing more than a scaled-up version of a small bank holding company, then we should expect large companies to exhibit lower risk because of the benefits of diversification.
a small bank holding company in suburban Detroit, had agreed to purchase Chicago-based Indecorp Inc.
The July 2005 update to the Bank Holding Company Supervision Manual has been published (supplement no.
Front Range is a bank holding company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, and Heritage Bank is a Colorado state chartered bank with approximately $450 million in assets which operates 13 offices in Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, Erie, Firestone, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, and Niwot, Colorado.
Orders Issued Under Section 3 of the Bank Holding Company Act