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Police on routine patrolling reached the spot and during exchange of fire one of the bandit received bullet injures while his accomplices were managed flee.
The military said it was not immediately known if Nee was with the group of bandits that the soldiers encountered.
The SSP also announced a reward of Rs one Lac for the police personnel who were part of the police team that killed the notorious bandit.
Bandit recovered full speed and mobility after the amputation and is even learning how to swim again.
Emirates Team New Zealand is the first partner to deploy the TomTom Bandit SDK, to improve their training for the Americas Cup taking place in June 2017.
Another man had tried to catch Bandit but he managed to sneak through a fence into a nearby field.
After a brief chase policemen arrested the fleeing bandits with the help of local residents and recovered two pistols, a good number of bullets and a motorcycle from them.
The Bandit Trend (including the Bandit - Bandit South Area) consists of an area more than 4 kilometres long and 1.
Desperate to get Bandit back, Christine and Jo placed an advert in the Chronicle offering a reward for her safe return.
spokeswoman reminded TV viewers that the Bandit was never predictable.
The Belly Bandit wrap is doctor recommended, helps minimise stretch marks, provides support for breastfeeding and adds abdominal support and comfort after C-section.