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Balloon Loan

A loan or bond in which the borrower makes only interest payments for a set period of time. At the end of the term, the borrower repays the entire principal at once. A balloon loan may be useful when the borrower expects interest rates to be low at the end of the term, allowing him/her simply to refinance the loan. However, there is a high risk of default because not all borrowers actually have the cash to repay an entire loan in one payment. See also: Balloon Mortgage.


The loan balance remaining at the time the loan contract calls for full repayment.

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But balloonists and pilots point to numerous challenges that make hunting from a hot air balloon difficult, if not impossible.
Lowe and his balloonists provided effective aerial reconnaissance during several major campaigns in 1862 and 1863.
The balloonist suffered slight injuries and was treated at a hospital in the city of Bagan, near where he landed, and brought to Yangon on Saturday.
He's among 25 active Arkansas balloonist who bought into the sport for as little as $4,000 and can spend more than $70,000 for balloons that hold the most cubic feet of hot air and sport the latest safety equipment.
Nicholas' dad, Ron, says that most balloonists feel a knot of anticipation in their stomach as the ground crew sets the enormous balloon free.
Gallant, 49, said the balloonist picked a good spot to land.
Henry Negretti was a very good friend of pioneering balloonist and meteorologist Henry Glaisher who on September 5, 1862, with his companion Henry Coxwell, undertook an ascent to the greatest height that had been reached by a balloon carrying passengers at that time.
Balloonist John Ninomiya may fly solo, but he needs a team to help him pull off his helium-balloon stunts.
Mayor and Mayoress of Worcester with the stilt-walker; Supporters of the Severn Boat Festival with organiser Chris Carless (Worcester Events Ltd; Balloonist Ian Ashpole
ON THE final leg of his around-the-globe balloon quest, US adventurer Steve Fossett has cruised over the Indian Ocean after breaking his own record for distance travelled by a solo balloonist.