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Tarps can dramatically raise the temperature of stored hay if it was baled with a high moisture content and covered in warmer temperatures.
We compared the large round bales of hay with small square bales, each baled at 27 percent MC.
By producing highly compacted bales, Brookstone will save thousands of dollars throughout the life of the balers because they are using less wire per baled ton.
The fibers are drawn, crimped, heat set and then baled. The fiber bales are then transported to the next step in the carpet making operation and will eventually become Mohawk finished carpet of fiberfill for home furnishings.
The total tons per month of material to be baled can go a long way in determining the type of baler the recycling company should be looking for.
Wal-Mart says the benefits of the plastic sandwich bale process include using existing balers within the stores; eliminating one out of five waste compactor hauls per store; and allowing the baled plastic to be transported via flatbed trailer.
Williams, along with many equipment manufacturers, recommends calculating kilowatt-hours per baled ton to get the most complete picture of energy usage.