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Account Balance

The amount available in an account. Simply put, the account balance is the net of all credits less all debits. A positive account balance indicates the account holder has funds available to him/her, while a negative balance indicates the holder owes money. Account balances are important in banking because they determine whether or not an account holder has money for living expenses and in margin accounts because they show whether the holder can conduct more margin transactions.


The amount of the original loan remaining to be paid.

It is equal to the loan amount less the sum of all prior payments of principal.

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According to the arrangement this time, VA Linux will provide VA Balance and its support to Clara Online, and meanwhile Clara Online will recommend VA Balance to its customers of dedicated server service for Linux as the load balancing component (up to Layer 4).
Solving these problems requires an integrated approach, one that includes multi-layer switches and high availability load balancing appliances.
By balancing and managing an organization's scorecard, executives can implement an automated solution to effectively implement their strategy and ensure accountability and control across the organization - leading to better bottom lines and higher shareholder value.
It's no surprise that the notion of balancing the budget should offer such broad appeal to the American public.
Constitution to require a balanced budget - lukewarm because, while I wholeheartedly support balancing the budget, I have little confidence in Congress' ability to adopt a measure with teeth enough to hold them to it.
Because of the reordering of priorities, in fiscal 1991 growth in actual K-12 spending - at less than half the pace of the previous year - fell far short of planned increases in appropriations, as states made midyear adjustments to spending plans with the goal of balancing their budgets.
Nothing is more important than balancing the budget," reasoned President Hoover.
Children and their families can expand their understanding of balance - and learn how to practice and improve it - in Balancing Act, a children's traveling exhibit at The Children's Museum of Memphis, September 17-January 15.
Clinton, though, has long found it politically uncomfortable to argue that he is for balancing the budget but against a constitutional stricture that would require such balance.
There is currently nothing preventing Congress and the President from balancing the federal budget, other than the fact that they do not have the political will to do so.
The new product, called the ExpoCap Custom White Balance Aid, is a white balancing tool available in 52mm, 58mm, 67mm and 77mm filter sizes for the most popular prosumer and DSLR cameras.