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Account Balance

The amount available in an account. Simply put, the account balance is the net of all credits less all debits. A positive account balance indicates the account holder has funds available to him/her, while a negative balance indicates the holder owes money. Account balances are important in banking because they determine whether or not an account holder has money for living expenses and in margin accounts because they show whether the holder can conduct more margin transactions.


The amount of the original loan remaining to be paid.

It is equal to the loan amount less the sum of all prior payments of principal.

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Ensure a timely analytical review of the account balances of all low-risk accounts to ensure they provide adequate evidence upon which to base a conclusion that the accounts contain a significant or material misstatement.
While tax-deferred growth on income is still attractive, participants with large account balances have become increasingly concerned they may not see the compensation they elected to defer.
Alternatively, eliminate the requirement to "attach schedules" or reduce the schedule to presentation of control balances (i.
Historically ampere balances were also used to measure the unit of voltage in the United States; if a known current flows through a known resistance then a known voltage drop is generated.
I welcome the opportunity to testify on behalf of the Federal Reserve Board on issues related to interest on demand deposits and interest on balances held at Reserve Banks.
704-1(b)(2)(iv); (2) liquidating distributions be made in accordance with the partners' positive capital account balances; and (3) partners be unconditionally obligated to restore negative capital account balances on liquidation.
With time at a premium for senior financial officers this convenience often wins out over chasing higher-yielding money market funds or rolling 60-day commercial paper, especially for smaller cash balances.
The Board strongly supports the proposal in the bill to allow the payment of interest on the balances that depository institutions maintain in their accounts at Federal Reserve Banks.
Allowing unaudited account balances (or ratios) to unduly influence expectations of what current balances should be.