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Account Balance

The amount available in an account. Simply put, the account balance is the net of all credits less all debits. A positive account balance indicates the account holder has funds available to him/her, while a negative balance indicates the holder owes money. Account balances are important in banking because they determine whether or not an account holder has money for living expenses and in margin accounts because they show whether the holder can conduct more margin transactions.


The amount of the original loan remaining to be paid.

It is equal to the loan amount less the sum of all prior payments of principal.

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Auto Business News-August 11, 2017--Centramatic launches dynamically continuous wheel balancer
The balancers are motile and act as pacemakers for beating of the comb rows (Chun, 1880; Horridge, 1966, 1971, 1974; Tamm, 1982, 2014a).
The featured wheel balancer is the PWB1530, which currently has had a price reduction from $1,395 to only $1,050, which includes free shipping and no sales tax.
a global leader in Application Delivery Networking, has announced an exclusive discount offer for customers on the purchase of Array APV 1600-S Advanced Server Load Balancer.
Server load balancers should have high-performance SSL acceleration and other security features to address increasing security requirements for Web-based transactions.
Delivering 10 times the SSL transaction throughput of current Barracuda Load Balancers, the Barracuda Load Balancer 640 handles 2,000 SSL transactions per second (TPS).
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now offers ergonomically designed cleaning and finishing tools fitted with bails and zero gravity balancers.
Compared with conventional single-purpose data networking systems that require a proliferation of SSL accelerators, Load Balancers, HTTP compression systems, Caching System, Link Load Balancing, Web Logging and Firewall and other point solutions, the Array TM series offers high performance, reliability and scalability while providing substantial savings in hardware, maintenance, set-up, rack space and power.
If some servers will under high processing demands, load balancers will transparently shift processing tasks to servers with more I/O.
Air balancers took so long to bleed pressure before placing the load that valuable cycle time was lost.
Intelift air balancers combine proven mechanical balancing technology with the 'intelligence' of precise, reliable electronic controls for the lifting and placement of components and equipment.