balanced budget

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Balanced budget

A budget in which the income equals expenditure. See: budget.

Balanced Budget

A budget in which revenues equal or exceed expenditures. A balanced budget is thought to be positive for a company, as it means that the company is not taking on any (additional) debt in order to conduct its operations; if revenues exceed expenditures, it results in a profit. Balanced budgets may be recognized after a fiscal year is complete, or they may be projected for an upcoming year.

balanced budget

A budget in which the expenditures incurred during a given period are matched by revenues.

balanced budget

a situation where GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE is equal to TAXATION and other receipts. In practice, most governments run unbalanced budgets as a means of regulating the level of economic activity Where the government spends more than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET DEFICIT is incurred. Where the government spends less than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET SURPLUS ensues. See BUDGET, FISCAL POLICY, PUBLIC SECTOR BORROWING REQUIREMENT.
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conservative-led coalition moves for balanced budgets - the so-called
The constitution will be amended to align the balanced budget rule with the fiscal compact.
A balanced budget amendment is a common-sense tool to restructure the way government spends taxpayer dollars," Cuellar said in a statement.
Wouldn't a balanced budget amendment prevent Congress from spending the country into chaos and heaping a hopeless burden of debt on future generations?
a balanced budget requirement as part of the Constitution, some
And if the Balanced Budget Amendment is in place, and when the required deficit-allowing threshold is not attainable, but the majority still want to spend the money they feel they need to spend (usually for items and issues not constitutionally allowed, but for such items as entitlement programs, stimulus packages, etc.
The plan is to continue" having a balanced budget, said George, but "that depends on our ability to raise revenues.
The BBV is a novel form of line item veto that would eliminate what always has been the fatal flaw in any balanced budget mandate--the lack of an effective enforcement mechanism favoring spending cuts over tax increases.
A major difference between the two measures is the long-term approach to reaching a balanced budget.
The President's promise to simultaneously keep to the schedule of last year's ballooning tax cuts, spend billions more on countering terrorism and return to a balanced budget by the end of his first term can only be accomplished by reducing discretionary spending.
In principles of macroeconomics textbooks, the simple balanced budget multiplier is always unity.

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