balanced budget

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Balanced budget

A budget in which the income equals expenditure. See: budget.
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Balanced Budget

A budget in which revenues equal or exceed expenditures. A balanced budget is thought to be positive for a company, as it means that the company is not taking on any (additional) debt in order to conduct its operations; if revenues exceed expenditures, it results in a profit. Balanced budgets may be recognized after a fiscal year is complete, or they may be projected for an upcoming year.
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balanced budget

A budget in which the expenditures incurred during a given period are matched by revenues.
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balanced budget

a situation where GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE is equal to TAXATION and other receipts. In practice, most governments run unbalanced budgets as a means of regulating the level of economic activity Where the government spends more than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET DEFICIT is incurred. Where the government spends less than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET SURPLUS ensues. See BUDGET, FISCAL POLICY, PUBLIC SECTOR BORROWING REQUIREMENT.
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(Un)balanced budgetSlovakia may not accomplish its ambition of having its very first balanced budget this year if it fails to adopt new measures, Kazimir said.Given that the government is not introducing additional measures to boost the economy and the economic situation remains the same, the deficit amounts to 0.
For years, the definition of an Illinois balanced budget has been "Revenue + Borrowing = Expenses," which is certainly not my definition of a balanced budget.
Around PS500,000 still needs to be cut to ensure a balanced budget for 2019/20, with Cllr Mutton stating he is confident this will not result in cuts to frontline services.
The draft budget yet to be supported by parliament addresses higher costs as a result of a massive migrant influx, with more than 1 million new arrivals last year triggering questions about the feasibility of more balanced budgets in the years to come.
As previously signalled, with the return of balanced budgets the province will slightly increase the growth of expenditures which had been tightened during the effort to reduce deficits.
A loss of fiscal discipline leading to a continued and sustained increase in debt and debt service ratios and limited potential that Manitoba will return to a balanced budget and will stabilize its debt burden in the medium term could result in a deterioration of its current credit profile.
But Merkel's drive for Germany's first balanced budget since 1969 has
If a member state deviates from the balanced budget rule, an automatic correction mechanism will be triggered.
"We can get to a balanced budget without raising taxes on middle income people," Romney told ABC News.
The trio of Council Presidencies will be in charge of dragging to court eurozone signatories of the Treaty on stability, coordination and governance in the Economic and Monetary Union' that fail to properly transpose a balanced budget rule at national level (see box).
WASHINGTON - A balanced budget constitutional amendment fell short in the U.S.