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Current resale prices are now between 110,000 and 120,000 baht a sq m, up from 95,000 baht when the project was launched last year.
But the Bank of Thailand decided to buy the baht forward at prices well above market, almost at spot levels.
According to the report, Thaksin and his wife have no personal debts, but they guarantee a total of 170 million baht in loans for others.
Small and medium-sized enterprises will have a greater credit source since the package will allocate 52 billion baht in loans and loan guarantees, as well as another 200 million baht to expand an advisory center to support small business.
The absolute number of NPLs in baht did not go up that much and was insignificant," said a foreign banking analyst at a Thai brokerage firm.
5 billion baht from 2 billion baht that was approved by the company's shareholders earlier.
State-controlled PTT, which reviews its five-year investment plan each December, aimed to invest 87 billion baht in 2014 and 53 billion baht in 2015, it said in a statement.
The sum is an increase from the 20 billion baht spent in the 1996 House of Representatives election, the Thai Farmers Research Center Co.
Thailand is considered a cheap destination internationally, with the baht still well below its pre-crisis levels.
Bangkok Bank approved that the dividend payment for the operating results of the year 2015 be paid at the rate of Baht 6.
27 million baht Q3 net profits, roughly 70 million baht came from the Thai operations (about the same as in Q2) while the remaining 80 million baht were contributed from overseas.