Bag Man

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Bag Man

Informal; pejorative.

1. A person who collects funds on behalf of a political candidate or organization. Campaign finance laws limit the amount of funds a bag man may collect from one person or interest group.

2. A person who collects funds on behalf of a family or other unit of organized crime in exchange for protection. The bag man may also pay bribes to government officials.

3. An IRS agent.
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'Bagman,' directed by Shugo Pracio, also features Raymond Bagatsing, Yayo Aguila and Alan Paule.
The Bagman's unique, comical appearance is itself an attempt to make people realise that plastic bags are unnecessary and 'uncool'.
The charity's Bagman Joe Newbury hopes his new persona will encourage more people to switch to reusable bags.
Gunnar comes in useful as a deployable gun-turret and a stabilised sniper rifle, Helm is a handy computer hacker, and Bagman uses scrap (gathered from fallen enemies) to make new ammo, weapons and upgrades.
Shot on location, picture exactly captures the feel of Neukoelln, with its weird denizens (Michael's bagman errands are highly atmospheric vignettes on their own) and mixed, German-ethnic population, without turning into a noirish drama.
In 1934, Joseph Needham, squire, and Arthur Peck, bagman, arranged a week of morris instruction for members of the Cambridge Morris Men at Ringstead Mill in Norfolk.
Madeline Hendricks-Clark, 15, dressed as Ludo Bagman (left), her brother, Alexxander Hendricks-Clark, 18, as Viktor Kru, and Myke Foster, 17, as a young Sirius Black, have a wizard duel as they wait in line Thursday night for the 12:04 a.m.
I just read [Richard Poynder's March 2003 article, "An Ugly Situation"] about divine and your interview with Ken Kinsella, divine bagman and company apologist.
Being the conduit or bagman for bribe money is a profession of sorts; learning to pass bribes and get away with it takes experience and know-how.
Its shape is curiously like Norwegian Sigbjorn Windingstad's plastic figure called 'Bagman' that attaches to bicycle handlebars as a plastic bag carrier.
All the other Democrats--among them Boxer, Daschle, Dodd, Feinstein, Harkin, Kennedy, Kerrey, Kerry, Leahy, Levin, Mikulski, Moseley-Braun, Moynihan, and Murray--came to rescue the bagman of international capital.
The bagman knew Horton was a respected CIA veteran, a former Mexican station chief who had been called back from an eight-year retirement to take over the controversial post of National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Latin America on the elite inter-agency panel that turned out the intelligence community's top-secret surveys known as Estimates.