Bag Man

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Bag Man

Informal; pejorative.

1. A person who collects funds on behalf of a political candidate or organization. Campaign finance laws limit the amount of funds a bag man may collect from one person or interest group.

2. A person who collects funds on behalf of a family or other unit of organized crime in exchange for protection. The bag man may also pay bribes to government officials.

3. An IRS agent.
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The administration has nothing to do with the testimony of a drug cartel bagman Mr.
While Willett missed the cut in the main tournament he got to play in the final day at St Andrews as Smart's partner and watched in awe as his bagman showed how it's done with a superb performance on the greens that sealed a winning 38 under par.
Bagman will be visiting other streets around Bridgend in the coming weeks to spread the word of the benefits of ecologically friendly bags.
Price is still bitterly disappointed by the way he was treated by bagman Andy Prodger who was headhunted over the weekend by Montgomerie following his own parting of ways with longtime assistant Alastair McLean.
Instead of 'swallowing the words of the so-called bagman and wasting time on this new controversy,' the party said the government could just better use its time investigating and finding the culprits behind the entry of the P6.
Open officials said the injuries the bagman for American veteran Marco Dawson sustained were not serious and that he was talking and fully conscious before being transferred to hospital for overnight observation.
Andrew Titley, bagman for the group, said: "Castle Hill is a fantastic vantage point to see the first rays of the sun.
This was what Roxas said on Wednesday after Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said the affidavit of Ricky Serenio, a confessed bagman of the Berya drug cartel, would be treated as a complaint by the Department of Justice (DOJ).
Mr Usher can also be seen acting as her doorman and bagman in the shots.
Enrile would arrive right after their meeting," the bagman said.