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Whether out of guilt, fatigue, or just plain bafflement, many parents abdicate their authority as heads of the household and become wimps.
With all of the violence, strife, and bafflement between the sexes as the century closes, one wonders (and fears) just how bad it will have to get before we generally resolve to roll back the damage and establish, in law and in life, genuine "community standards" with strict limits to our tolerance.
With amusement he recalls his bafflement. His only prior taste of contemporary dance had been jazz and a hybrid, amorphous modern style at Interlochen.
He preferred to put his characters--and his readers--in situations of ethical bafflement and then watch to discover if their moral compasses will help them find their way home.
To the bafflement of its discoverers, the creature sports a disproportionately large, saucer-like shell at each end of its elongated body.
The Viking ships are an imposing sight, but the museum inspires a certain bafflement as well.
FORMER Everton winger Kevin Kilbane has added his own bafflement to the list of observers who can't understand inconsistent Everton.
There was bafflement as referee Mike Dean blew for a penalty.
Many others share that sense of bafflement and, even at a distance, understand the grief and loss that families like the Ewings are going through at this festive time of year.
A MYSTERIOUS fruit thief has been stripping apple and plum trees - much to the bafflement of their owners.
Her bafflement must arise from the Partnership not having fully understood the severity of the government's grant cuts and their impact on the council's budget.
Three-time winner Greg LeMond had previously expressed his bafflement at Wiggins' omission.