bad title

Bad title

Title to property that does not distinctly confer ownership, usually in the context of real estate.

Bad Title

Title to a property that does not necessarily prove ownership. Bad titles are common when there are multiple claims to a single piece of real estate. See also: Quitclaim.

bad title

Title to real estate that has some defects or problems that prevent the owner from conveying the property free and clear of any liens or adverse claims.

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Not a bad title for a last movie -- as Sean Connery has proven for decades to be a true gentleman both on and off screen.
Rubbish Die Hard 5 - which goes by the bad title of A Good Day To Die Hard - is a sequel too far.
I don't know at this stage what that title does for us, but it's not a bad title to have - it's a legitimate title.
A BAD TITLE does disservice to a good book -- even if the jacket is goodlooking.
A bad title will hurt more than a good title will help," said media analyst Steve Sternberg.
WICHITA -- To quote from the show itself, nothing can kill a show faster than too much exposition, bad subject matter or even a bad title.
It's no Rags To Richie: The Shane Richie Story, but it's not a bad title.
It's sort of a bad title because there's nothing secretive or mysterious about this crash course that covers basic design, PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote, using images in text documents, and two chapters (21 lessons) on Adobe's incredibly powerful and affordable PhotoShop Elements.
Last but certainly least was BBC2's Roman's Empire, the kind of "zany" crap that started with a really bad title and went downhill from there.
But, on second thoughts, that might not be a bad title for those other shows as well.
In so doing, however, they also serve to highlight the "international" problem, as many other countries follow the principle that a good faith purchaser's title is not tainted by the bad title of his seller (9) and the fact that not all countries have the same commitment to the return of Nazi-looted art that the United States has.