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Instead of showing off, showing the world we are super superior powers we proudly claim our backward status with pride.
The government in Delhi was formed with the help of backward classes.
Clearly, to the political class, the "creamy layer" is an elastic concept that can keep on expanding with the express purpose of retaining within its fold even the affluent among the backward castes in order to make them eligible for reservations in employment and education.
Union of India) observed that there is no Constitutional or legal bar to a State categorizing backward classes as backward or more backward and had further observed that if a State chooses to do it (sub-categorization), it is not impermissible in law.
Some associations of backward communities had approached the Centre with this request at that time.
It is the BJP's firm commitment since Jan Sangh days that reservation is essential for social and economic development and empowerment of SCs, STs, backward and extremely backward castes.
If my clock went backward I'd plan my wake ahead, For what's the use of having one for everyone to share, When the one who should be celebrating, Isn't even there.
n [member of] N](x [member of] X) is both forward and backward converges to x.
The Government has envisaged several programmes and schemes related to economic, social political empowerment of people belonging to backward classes and religious minorities.
Similarly, from an anatomical perspective, there is the logical rationale for possible success of a backward walking intervention (8,17).
A forward fall is commonly observed when the forward angular momentum of the body, induced by a backward slip or forward trip of the foot during forward gait, is not sufficiently neutralized during the balance recovery phase [5,7,9,15-18].
The result: After the cue ball hits the colored ball, the cue ball will roll backward.