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The DPWH, for its part, needs to perform strict environmental monitoring during the implementation of backfilling works in compliance with the condition of the approved Environmental Compliance Certificate.
The high water-material backfilling technology that came out in recent years has been applied in GER engineering in which roofs are managed using the caving method, but the high costs limit its application on backfilling GER working faces.
Fei et al., "Experimental study on strength characteristics of tailings cement backfilling at deep-seated mined-out area," Rock and Soil Mechanics, vol.
From Figure 8, it can be seen that settling ratio of backfilling slurry decreased as yield stress increased.
Beyond backfilling, progressive rehabilitation at Panian covers a total area of about 706 hectares, including 288 hectares within the rim of the Panian pit.
As the main bearing structure of the roof, the deformation law and stress distribution characteristics of the backfilling granular gangues are highly different from those of the conventional GER technology.
Due to different production requirement, in China, there are three types of backfilling methods, namely, high water material filling, gangue backfilling, and paste backfill mining.
"The whole point of our action is to improve the quality of the service, starting with backfilling annual leave so we have sufficient staff to keep appointments with clients," Petra, who is also the nominated representative for community mental health nurses on the RWC, said.
On the basis of historical sources, the most frequently used the mining method with backfilling from bottom to top, where ore was transported through blind shafts to lower levels and then exported to the surface for further processing.
The council declared the halt on the basis of a petition submitted by Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) head MP Michel Aoun, who asked the council to end backfilling -- the process of rebuilding over and yet preserving ancient artifacts unearthed under the camp -- in order to protect the antiquities at the site.
Under the proposed plan, the material would be recycled and used for backfilling sewer lines and on some road shoulders.