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Surely not through that back-door system after he couldn't win a constituency because the nominations had closed.
"Back-door entry of mobile devices--people buying them on their own--is very common, said David Elfanbaum, vice president of Asynchrony Solutions, St.
The profit potential is huge - but deregulating this state-of-the-art technology for export could put a back-door key in the front pocket of spies and terrorists around the world."
The film's central conceit - a Bill Gates-coded software tycoon engineers a series of high-profile superhacks to foment hysteria over the threat of information terrorists, then exploits this fear to sell his Gatekeeper security software to banks, multinational corporations, and the government, allowing him unlimited back-door access to the system - resonates with the current "convergence of the commercial and the military sectors" in the war against data diddling.
This clause is in effect a "back-door" way to convert rent defaults into a basis for invoking the conditional limitation.