back up

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Back up

(1) When bond yields rise and prices fall, the market is said to back up. (2) An investor who swaps out of one security into another of shorter current maturity is said to back up.

Back Up

1. To sell a bond or other debt security with a longer maturity and buy another with a shorter maturity. One may do this when short-term interest rates are higher than long-term interest rates, for example.

2. A change in a short-term trend. For example, if a bearish trend becomes bullish or vice versa, one may say the market has backed up.

back up

To swap a debt security with one maturity for another security with a shorter maturity.
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According to her Just Giving page (, she has already raised PS220 for Back Up but has plans to raise even more money.
The differential part means that subsequently as you back up the changed files you don't turn off their archive bits.
"The primary back up for large enterprises is moving to disk, with the data then moving off to tape.
Back up your hard disk onto new media and seal the back-ups to prevent accidental use.
The company said the essential requirements for disaster recovery include the availability of alternative accommodation and equipment for staff, as well as off-site back ups for replication of key business systems.
El Laboratorio de Pruebas de eSemanal examino el sistema de alimentacion ininterrumpible Back UPS RS1500 de APC y encontro algunos detalles interesantes que vale la pena comentar.
That's what back ups are for Keep all your paper work from November and December.
NAR and other groups supported the extension as a method to avoid severe shortages of licensed or certified appraisers, which could have led to significant back ups in obtaining appraisals and the underwriting of mortgages.
El fabricante APC anuncio la introduccion del sistema Back-UPS 1000VA y unidades de 1500 VA con los que expande su familia de Back UPS de suministro de energia ininterrumpible.
Tenders are invited for 1 APC BX 600C-IN 600VA.230V Back UPS Warranty-Two YearsSeagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable Harddrive with Mobile Device Backup, USB Wireless Remote Control Professional Laser Pointer Presenter Slide Changer Controller for Power Point PPT Slide Presentation