back up

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Back up

(1) When bond yields rise and prices fall, the market is said to back up. (2) An investor who swaps out of one security into another of shorter current maturity is said to back up.

Back Up

1. To sell a bond or other debt security with a longer maturity and buy another with a shorter maturity. One may do this when short-term interest rates are higher than long-term interest rates, for example.

2. A change in a short-term trend. For example, if a bearish trend becomes bullish or vice versa, one may say the market has backed up.

back up

To swap a debt security with one maturity for another security with a shorter maturity.
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While that sounds simple, managing back ups has been a struggle for computer professionals since the earliest days of information technology.
Back up your hard disk at this time to have a complete picture of your clean system.
They could only back up over the network or be limited to an OpenVMS-specific solution.
Due to the short time period remaining on the REMIC and the necessity to pay it off by maturity, " explained Rick Tannenbaum, managing director of Advisory Services, "Cohen Financial implemented a plan to back up sale contracts with financing commitments in order to ensure the timely repayment of the REMIC.
The ABS drive (Automatic Backup System) is the quickest way to back up your Macintosh.
Each time a user saves a file in a pre-selected folder on their hard drive, QuikSync software transparently makes a back up copy of that file to a Clik