back office

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Back office

Brokerage house clerical operations that support, but do not include, the trading of stocks and other securities. All written confirmation and settlement of trades, record keeping, and regulatory compliance happen in the back office.

Back Office

The various administrative and support offices of a company, especially a financial services company. The back office departments handle internal accounting, compliance with government regulations, legal matters, settlements, and clearing services. While they do not generally deal with clients, they are necessary for the smooth function of the office. See also: Front office, Middle office.

back office

The physical location within a business where records are kept and processed. In the case of a brokerage firm, the back office includes the section where individual account records are kept, checks are processed, and security certificates are sent. Also called operations department.
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But I don't think we really know what the impact is from a telephony standpoint, in terms of how long calls last or whether back office workers are adhering to scripts or standards.
Concludes Bodner, "Verint Performance Management enables enterprises to enhance performance across the entire service delivery chain - from the front office to the back office -- for a more comprehensive view of performance and a deeper understanding of customer-related issues and opportunities.
On March 16, they want to be ready to process eligible checks through Back Office Conversion.
Compeat Restaurant Management Systems is the leading provider of restaurant back office and accounting software.
Compeat Back Office 5 is a Smart Client application written entirely in Microsoft .
The PCATS certification validates that NAMOS Compact complies with specific-use instances for the PCATS-NAXML standards, which were designed to ease integration and communication between point-of-sale (POS) systems and the back office.
Nasdaq: VRSO), a global provider of next generation network solutions, announced today that Latin American broadband internet and telephony provider BroadBandTech has selected and installed the Verso MetroNet VoIP Overlay solution, including the Verso Back Office Solution (VBO), an integrated back office application that supports administration, provisioning and billing.
Due to its tremendous growth over the past five years and expansion plans into three new states, Yale Mortgage selected GMS to provide document preparation, title and escrow, closing and post closing services to exponentially increase its back office capacity.
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LONDON -- Agreement comes after JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services acquired Paloma Partners' middle and back office
announced today the introduction and immediate availability of their Virtual Back Office (VBO), a suite of unique solution components linked by a centralized and common rules engine.
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