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There's also a tradition of throwing a baby tooth into the air in some Middle-Eastern countries - a gift to Allah.
Researchers examined the feelings that children experience when they lose their first baby tooth, and which factors are at play.
The first dental visit should take place as soon as the first baby tooth appears, generally around six months, and every six months after that.
Ask them what is different between the baby tooth and adult tooth pictured.
In Pennsylvania, the baby tooth researchers tracked a rise in childhood cancers that corresponded with a reactor opening.
SAN FRANCISCO -- "When does the first baby tooth erupt?"
Louis Baby Tooth Survey have shown that children did absorb radiation from the nuclear tests conducted by the United States and Soviet Union.
When baby teeth are lost and when permanent teeth erupt varies from person to person, but if a baby tooth does not fall out when it should, your dentist may recommend that it be removed.
This dissolves the roots of the baby tooth above each permanent tooth.
Although a child's first baby tooth usually appears between 6 and 12 months, medical experts advise parents to clean their babies' mouths from day one.