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More Info: Established: axis deer and mouflon-cross sheep on Maui: Jeff Grundhauser, (888) 6799863, www.
AXIS DEER -- These beautiful red-colored deer with conspicuous white spots are native to India.
My hunt was packaged with the intent to complete a Hawaiian Grand Slam by taking wild boar, axis deer, feral goat and wild sheep (either mouflon or feral) on the same trip.
Owner Ronnie Whitt takes a very limited number of hunters each year for whitetails, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, and spring turkeys.
That was his eighth axis deer taken with a bow and arrow, a count that now totals about 300.
Steve Gelakoski is one of the best guides on the island for axis deer and mouflon.
Several years ago I found myself stalking axis deer in Texas with a 10" BFR in .
He inherited the Haggerston Castle estate and took up residence in 1889, creating a private zoo in his grounds which was home to North American bison, dwarf Afghan cattle, kangaroos, wapiti and axis deer, birds of paradise, and a Himalayan bear which in later life would take to the roof of parts of the castle.
Wildlife diversity and abundance was measured on an Ashe juniper-dominated private property where a large herd of invasive, exotic, axis deer (Axis axis Erxleben 1777) was observed, in order to design targeted management plans to increase native wildlife species.
And as such, they share many of the characteristics of other tropical species of deer, such as axis deer from India.
We identified 18 unique wildlife species including 2 different species of deer--the native white-tailed deer and exotic Axis deer (Axis axis).
Al Ain Zoo celebrates an Asian-themed month filled with a wide array of interactive and exciting activities this October to celebrate species from Asia, with special focus on Bengal Tigers, Axis Deer, Nilgai and Blackbucks.