away from the market

Away from the market

In context of general equities, out of line with the inside market at this time, such as when a bid on a limit order is lower or the offer price is higher than the current market price for the security; held by the specialist for later execution unless FOK. Antithesis of in-line.
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Away from the Market

Describing a quote that is either higher (for an ask) or lower (for a bid) than a security's current price. That is, an away from the market quote, if taken, would move the security's price in one direction or the other. If it is not taken it can lead to a wider bid-ask spread.
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away from the market

Used to refer to a security order at a price not immediately available. A limit order to buy 100 shares of Intel at $37 is away from the market if Intel stock is currently trading at $41 per share.
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Philips Olusegun Ojo, has said the council would do all within its reach to ensure that adulterated seeds are taken away from the market.
It has been excatly one year and three months since the traders without stalls were chased away from the market.
As investors stayed away from the market, the volume ended below the 60-million shares mark for the fourth consecutive session.
Total value turnover was also thin at P5 billion as investors stayed away from the market.
Over the last year, over 65 types of toys have been taken away from the market.
The delay in entering the IMF programme has also kept investors away from the market as foreigners continued to offload their shares in the market throughout the year.
Oil prices fell on Friday to their lowest since the third quarter of 2017, heading for losses of more than 11 percent in a week, as global oversupply kept buyers away from the market ahead of holidays over the next two weeks.
Foreign investors continued to shy away from the market resulting in a net outflow of P158 million for the day.
On the proposal for a third national car, the economist welcomed new players into the automotive industry if and only if the government itself stays away from the market.
Kansas City Southern plans to relaunch service at the Port of New Orleans after 13 years away from the market. The port said Wednesday that the company will offer a weekly intermodal service to Wylie, Texas, which is near a growing import market in Dallas.
Even as competitors are pulling away from the market, the bank is looking to build a merger and acquisition advisory team and an equity capital markets business in Hong Kong.
Momin Shah Bokhari said that unhygienic condition of the Bari Imam Market was keeping the shoppers away from the market.