away from the market

Away from the market

In context of general equities, out of line with the inside market at this time, such as when a bid on a limit order is lower or the offer price is higher than the current market price for the security; held by the specialist for later execution unless FOK. Antithesis of in-line.

Away from the Market

Describing a quote that is either higher (for an ask) or lower (for a bid) than a security's current price. That is, an away from the market quote, if taken, would move the security's price in one direction or the other. If it is not taken it can lead to a wider bid-ask spread.

away from the market

Used to refer to a security order at a price not immediately available. A limit order to buy 100 shares of Intel at $37 is away from the market if Intel stock is currently trading at $41 per share.
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However, buying remained restricted as leading spinners stayed away from the market.
Even as competitors are pulling away from the market, the bank is looking to build a merger and acquisition advisory team and an equity capital markets business in Hong Kong.
Momin Shah Bokhari said that unhygienic condition of the Bari Imam Market was keeping the shoppers away from the market.
Target opened one of its first CityTarget stores in 2012 at the base of a 24-story residential tower one block away from the market, a magnet for city dwellers, office workers and tourists.
Spraying insecticides to the toilets and to lift day to day dumped dust and dirt%s and transport them away from the market yard at the cost of the contractor.
5 per cent and taking considerable share away from the market leaders owing to its aggressive blade server strategy across the region," said Zeeshan Gaya, research manager for systems and infrastructure solutions at International Data Corporation (IDC).
The traders said that the parking facility provided by the CDA to them was away from the market and they have to either leave their vehicles on the mercy of the car-lifters or park the vehicles on roadside.
Away from the market scenes, which you probably won't want to watch while eating, it's what you expect from a nature documentary - a softly spoken and very watchable presenter (we seem to get more
The court ruled that Hannaford failed to show it should have standing in the case because its own property, nearly 4 miles away from the Market Basket location, is directly negatively impacted by the ZBA ruling.
The political uncertain in Kuwait, particularly following the constitutional court ruling to cancel 2012 parliamentary election and reinstate 2009 parliament, have also kept traders away from the market, the report added.
The FTSE 100 Index had its worst quarter for nine years in the three months to September and this affected commissions earned on share trading as big investors shied away from the market.
HOUSE prices fell at their fastest annual rate for 19 months during May as buyers continued to stay away from the market.